How to Build a Website in 60 Minutes or Under

Want to know how to build a website real quick?how to build a website

You don’t have to be genius to build a website yourself.

You just need to know the few simple steps and instructions to do that. Let me give you the minimum things you’ll need to start publishing online in less than 60 minutes.

When I say website, it means a powerful content management system using the power of WordPress which you can enhance as much as you like later as you progress.

WordPress is the best content management system for most web publisher.

Let’s get started with how to build a website in under 60 minutes.

Step 1: Buy a Domain Name

First thing you’ll need a domain name.

This will be your address on the web and it’s real cheap to get one. Try to avoid free domain names.

You will be spending lots of time and money to grow your business online and there is nothing worse than you come to know that you don’t own your domain name at a later stage.

.com or .net domain names usually cost about $10 for a year and you can buy your domain name from Godaddy.

Godaddy is a master of selling you extra stuff. Avoid the trap and skip everything else they will offer you.

Step 2: Get a Hosting Account

Hosting will be a space on the web where your website files (data) will be stored.

Website hosting plays a really important part in your online business. Make sure to decide wisely because changing the hosting account requires almost same sort of efforts as changing your physical office.

Short video below will explain you what is a hosting account in an excellent way.

You can click here to see the web hosting account details from bluehost.

You can buy the domain name and hosting from a same provider but I use Godaddy to buy domain names and bluehost for hosting.

There is a reason for using different providers for buying domain names and hosting account.

Step 3: Install WordPress

Using WordPress is a best way to build a website nowadays for most businesses because:

  • It’s free
  • Really easy to use
  • Google love WordPress websites
  • You can enhance the functionalities of WordPress websites using plugins

You can watch the short video below to find out what is WordPress.

Another great thing about WordPress is that any non technical person can install by following simple instructions. If you’re using bluehost as a hosting provider then you can do it with one click.

Have a look on the video below to find out how easily you can install the WordPress in one click.

You got everything to start publishing on the web once you got the WordPress installed. If you would like to take this to another level, get a premium theme from Studiopress.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to know how to build a website that can increase your business then give yourself a big favour and don’t get trapped with free options.

Building a website is really inexpensive but time and efforts you put in for any successful website is invaluable. Don’t risk it for few $$$.

Question: Did this post help you to get started with your website? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Sami says:

    Hi Sir,

    This information was very good to get domain names and hosting.



  2. I may use this to show some of my clients who are new to the website game. Great article for beginners!

  3. Rudd says:

    Using WP, you can cut development cost and time. I’ve been using WordPress for years, and developing websites for clients. WP first started as blogging platform and slowly evolved as CMS. Nowadays, many users use it as CMS instead of blog, plus WP has great community.


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    How to Build a Website in 60 Minutes or Under

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